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Dallasblack.com now allows you to setup a RSVP page for your events...FOR FREE with any paid promotional package. It is only $35 per week if you do not advertise on DallasBlack.com!

We can have your page active within minutes!

This is how you do it!


1. Gather Your Event Information.

Event Title
Date/Time of Event
When You Want RSVP form to Close
Venue name
Address of location
Age of crowd
Entry Price
Contact Phone Number
Contact Email Address
Event Details As You Want It Displayed on Webpage
Event Flyer/Graphic


2. Call DallasBlack.com!

Call and submit your information to us. If you paid for an ad on DallasBlack,
your RSVP page is absolutely FREE! Our number is 214-827-7977.
Or Email us at sales@abstractconceptsinc.com


3. Promote Your RSVP page!

Once we have your RSVP page up and live, you will be given the link to it.
Promote your link on all of your promotional materials. You will also
have access to HTMl code to plug into myspace and other promotional
sites as well!


4. Collect Your Rsvp Data.
Once your RSVP form closes, your RSVP entries will be emailed to you.



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